Art Director/CG Artist
Digital quarry magnate. Particularly covets eldritch intersections, liminal spaces & twilight underbellies.




Lemon Lime

I collaborated with Steelworks to create a 30s broadcast spot celebrating the release of Poppi’s new Lemon-Lime flavor. We incorporated Poppi’s signature color palette and chrome aesthetic with transformative reveals of the can and flavour cues. 

Our goal was to craft an engaging and dynamic campaign for Poppi that seamlessly transitions from the product reveal to showcasing its flavors and ingredients, all while capturing the essence of sneaker culture. We aimed to align with Poppi's distinctive chrome aesthetic, infusing the ad with freshness and vibrant shots of juicy fruit, all in this lemon-lime world.


Designed, directed & produced – Steelworks
Client – Poppi
Creative Director – Nidia Dias + Miguel Rato
Art Director – Joey Phinn
Design & Lookdev – Tiago Andrade, Joey Phinn, Marcel Piekarski, Afonso Soares, Dennis Tiege
FX – Tiago Andrade, Ezequiel Grand, Marcel Piekarski
Lighting – Tiago Andrade, Carlos Cidrais, Marcel Piekarski
Animation – Tiago Andrade, Joao Lucas, Marcel Piekarski, Afonso Soares
Comp – Tiago Andrade
Storyboard – Alex Potts
Editor – Claudio Vasques
Sound Design – Echoic Audio

ROLE – Art direction, leading/directing the team, building storyboard/boardomatic, editing, styleframes + lighting/lookdev.
TOOLS – Cinema4D, Houdini, Redshift, After Effects