Art Director/CG Artist
Digital quarry magnate. Particularly covets eldritch intersections, liminal spaces & twilight underbellies.




2023 Showcase

Meta approached FutureDeluxe to design the overall art direction and package for their 2023 Meta Showcase. This was an exciting opportunity to design a unique visual approach that transcends the boundaries of what we normally expect for a gaming-related presentation.

We wanted to bring in beautiful elements that hinted at the unfolding of a living paper sculpture, translucent and ethereal. The project involved an in-depth exploration of paper craft techniques, focusing on the nuances of ink bleeding and the dynamic interplay of light and color on paper. This comprehensive visual research informed the final stylistic framework, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics to create a rich, textured visual narrative.

To humanise the story, we introduced two glowing orbs that dance in unison, swirling and meeting in mutual connection. As they touch the silent, dark sculpture, it illuminates, coming to life.


Designed, Directed & Produced by FutureDeluxe
Client – Meta
Creative Directors – Felix Chilvers + Ben Black
Art Director – Joey Phinn
Senior 3D Designer – Stevie Rees
3D Designers – Chris Harrison, Sachi Patil  
Audio – George Hill

ROLE – creative + Art direction, animation, lighting & texturing, styleframes & production.
TOOLS – Cinema4D, Redshift, After Effects