Art Director/CG Artist
Digital quarry magnate. Particularly covets eldritch intersections, liminal spaces & twilight underbellies.





  Collaged beings, ecosystems of hair, luminescent eyes. This is an ongoing series of portraits as I capture distorted faces and their many forms.

“Somewhere in the feedback between culture, science, technology and thought there is an idea called ‘human’ that persists. Trying to raise this idea to anything above a metaphor is difficult, until we come to recognise the ripples in time and space that our models of reality leave in their wake. Tracing those models back through history and off into the future we begin to draw the outline of ourselves and our limitations.” - Rourke

In the dark, behind closed doors: we sit in front of a flickering monitor, typing, clicking, and swiping. The face that reflects off the glass is our own, but we’re distracted by the promise that lies beyond the screen. Captivated in the throes of techno-consumerism, the chasm between the real and the unreal, the simulation and the original – becomes blurred. We become increasingly consumed with the self, the _selfie_, the virtual construction of an identity that is, undeniably, pure fiction. It is not the avatar that resembles us, but we who resemble the avatar.
In 1970, the roboticist Masahiro Mori posited the theory of the _uncanny valley_ in regards to the certain indefinable feeling of uneasiness when confronted with that which looks human but is not.

Perhaps it is here, at the centre of the haptic eye, the dip of the uncanny valley, that we will see a way to move forward, by composing “sensations other than those of the habits of the self and the ‘human nature’ that they suppose. A new or ‘superior empiricism becomes possible, one concerned with what is singular yet “in-human” in the composition of ourselves.”

Thus, we rise as a wave, a deluge of destructive, sublimated avatars, and hurtle in a maglev train towards an uncanny future. As we pervert ourselves, so we subvert the universe.

As you look at the screen, it is possible to believe you are gazing into eternity.

Role – Art direction, lighting & texturing, styleframes, DIGITAL PAINTING