Art Director/CG Artist
Digital quarry magnate. Particularly covets eldritch intersections, liminal spaces & twilight underbellies.





A FuturePlay initiative undertaken at FutureDeluxe where we explored the boundaries of a new kind of fashion.

Forget digital catwalks. How do hands merge with their accessories to become new forms of Tool-Being? Can we attach a camera to the jerky movements of a model so that we feel adrift yet in sync with her every movement? She moves, and thus so does the world.

She was unnaturally beautiful, but this was only to be expected because she was not human.

He had known this from the moment he first laid eyes on her: this slender being with an eldritch paleness torching the pretty orange blossoms tumbling in her hair, the bare feet. The small mouth and stoic eyes were as smooth as stone. She was not be moved by diamonds or money or exotic gifts from China, but when he had, in despair, cut out his heart and presented it to her with trembling fingers, she had taken it from him and tucked it primly in her bosom. And so she was his.

He took her home and presented his bride to his unsettled parents, who were charmed and yet scared of this pale woman who did not speak and only stared at them with the graveness of a river. What is her name? They asked.

“She is of Orange,” he said, and he would disclose nothing more.


Futureplay @ FutureDeluxe

ROLE – Art direction, lighting & texturing, styleframes, animation.
TOOLS – Cinema4D, Marvelous Designer