Art Director/CG Artist
Digital quarry magnate. Particularly covets eldritch intersections, liminal spaces & twilight underbellies.




Converse x Feng Chen Wang

Teaming up once again with Converse, FutureDeluxe were invited to work on the exciting new collaboration with leading fashion designer Feng Chen Wang for her take on the classic Jack Purcell.

An ongoing collaborative partnership with Converse that incorporates Feng’s signature deconstruction design approach. Each season aims to reflect our inner self with an open invitation to both challenge, explore and overcome the unknown that confronts us.

This was my first completely self-directed project at FutureDeluxe, where I worked with Converse to design a unique space that incorporated both urban elements of London and elements of Feng Chen Wang's cultural heritage. This was a particularly amazing project for me to work on as a person of Chinese heritage, and I felt I was able to use my background and a keen sense of research into telling Feng Chen Wang's diverse narrative.

We had the opportunity to direct the poses of the models for the shoot, and I did a series of drawings to accurately plan for the foreshortened photographic style as well as the various physical touchpoints (shoes, hand etc) that we would have to integrate into the CG world.


Client – Converse & Feng Chen Wang  
Designed, directed & produced – FutureDeluxe
Creative & Art Director  – Joey Phinn
Producer  – Kavita Daggar

ROLE – Creative + art direction, lighting & texturing, KVs, compositing/artworking.
TOOLS – Cinema4D, Adobe Photoshop